The Cause

Centred on Christ | Called to the Mission

Committed to Relationship | Seriously Fun

How we live out the above core values today looks very different than just a few weeks ago, but our heart, mission, and vision remain the same.

During this pandemic, our youth and young families are facing unique challenges – including a significant increase in anxiety and the risk of domestic abuse. The presence of Youth Unlimited's team – virtually or at a social distance – is needed more than ever.

By 'taking your shot' on our virtual golf course in this event, you will be ensuring that no youth or family we serve gets left behind as a result of the impacts of COVID-19.

All donations raised through our golfing for Hope and Wholeness event will be supporting:

(1) Our innovations and adaptations so we can continue to reach the vulnerable in Central Alberta during this pandemic

(2) The ongoing sustainability of long-term Hope and Wholeness among young people in Central Alberta.

Here's how we are responding to this pandemic:

1. Relational Supports to Youth & Young Families

Life 360, Drop In Centres, Girls Group, Stepping Stones, reaching students in the schools... these are all programs that we used to personally connect with 3670 youth and young moms in a year. We can't be with them physically right now, but we're not giving up! Our staff have made themselves available online, running virtual programs and having a live chat connection time for teens. Our Stepping Stones moms have been able to virtually cook and craft together, the youth in our programs are given daily challenges to keep them occupied and motivated, and we are there for our youth and young moms through virtual connection and friendship amidst these challenging times.

2. Online Counselling

Not being able to see each other face to face hasn't changed the fact that the youth and families we serve are still in need of counselling. We've actually had the opportunity to be more involved in youth and families' lives because of this pandemic. Our counsellors are able to practice safe, online counselling - and it is more important than ever.

3. Some of our "wins"!

"My highlight tonight was running Life360 through Zoom. We had 32 youth and 6 leaders. We played Bible trivia, walked through Psalm 23 together, and then broke into small groups where we shared our "high's and low's". - Gregg (Lacombe)

"Had a great Zoom call with my girls today!! Definitely a highlight to see them all and just connect on ideas they have and little goals they have to keep motivation during this new reality!" - Nicola (Youth Housing)

"My highlight today was meeting with my Stepping Stones moms via Google Hangout this morning! I sent out a care package to the moms with baking supplies and we made muffins virtually in our own homes and talked about how we were doing. It was the best!!!!" - Cora (Stepping Stones Lacombe)

We know these are not our wins, but God's. He has equipped us for this time, and is helping us through this season as we still do our ministry in a totally new way! Everything we do, we do for God's glory.

Here's how your support will make a difference:

1. Providing Virtual Hope and Wholeness On-line

Your partnership will rapidly support the transition to connecting with youth more and more online, holding leadership team meetings virtually, working remotely from home and hosting online youth gatherings.

2. Staff Emergency Supports Fund

As we respond to the pandemic, your partnership will ensure our staff receieve the support they need to continue to thrive, including: (a) leadership care and direction to navigate this evolving situation; (b) emergency funding in the event of any shortfalls; (c) continued spiritual and emotional supports to maintain wellbeing.

3. Support Infrastructure Fund

We will get to the other side of this COVID-19 season and your partnership will ensure the sustainability of our core operations to fulfill our vision of Hope and Wholeness for all youth. This includes a) maintaining the administrative support required to support our staff; b) providing ongoing vision and leadership for Youth Unlimited across Central Alberta; c) Training and Personal Development of our frontline workers.

4. Counselling

Provide ongoing counselling for clients across central Alberta.